Friday, February 4, 2011


Catch and I got to hang out all day from Tuesday to Friday. We had some good laughs, shed a few (or more) tears, and eventually went a bit stir crazy. Tuesday was awesome, Wednesday was pretty good, but by Thursday we were both ready to get out of the house. ;0)

The best way to recap our weekend is to show you some pics. Enjoy!

This is Catchers backing up to me so I can check his dirty diaper. He tells us "poo poo" now and when we ask him if he went poo poo, he always shakes his head yes and backs up to us to check diaper. Such a smart bubba! Now if only we can get him not be scared to go pee pee on the potty. He knows how to flush, and always says pee pee when he gets near the toilet, but when we ask if he wants to, he always answers with a whiny no. One day before bath we sat him on the seat and he had toilet paper. He didn't do anything but he still tried to wipe himself. It was so cute! It always amazes me how attentive he is of everything we do.

Typical scene in the living room. My stomach is getting a wee bit big (understatement?) and I didn't want to pick them up so I pulled out the vacuum. What a wonderful invention!
Hugging his panda. Sometimes when he watches his Baby Genius: Trip to the San Diego Zoo he will grab his panda whenever it gets to the part with the panda exhibit

I didn't even ask him to kiss panda, but he's so used to always giving us kisses after hugs that it's normal for him. :0)
He loves his racecar track from Granddad Manley and Grandma Gloria.
Finally he keeps his eyes open!

I tried to snap the picture before he could close them. My little nerdball. You'd think he just helped me with laundry, but really he likes to unfold everything and throw it on the floor. A bit frustrating at times. :0)

I love my bubba's coloring. He's always so focused.

Watching his video in his favorite chair. It used to shake and giggle when he'd sit in, but it scared him. We turned it off the other day, and now he loves it. He loves it so much that he tries to give it a "bite" of his food or drink. In fact, he does that to his stuffed animals as well. Anytime he wants a bite of our food, he'll get in our face, say "bite", and open his mouth wide.
Also, he says "Melmo" now anytime he sees Elmo on tv, on his sippy cup, on anything. At first I thought he was saying mama, but nope - just "Melmo".

Nerdball. :0)

I asked him how much he loved mama, and spread his hands wide. Everytime I ask him how much mama loves him, I do the same and say "This much!" He loves it!

Classic Catch right now. Everything is "mine" regardless of what it is. I don't have a phone, camera, nothing. It's all Catch's (according to him).

If this face doesn't sum up the weekend, I don't know what does. ;0)

Quick trip in the snow. He's had an awful cough, so we literally stayed out there for a few minutes.

Poor baby fell and got snow everywhere. I think the coldness scared him so badly that he cried. :0(
All in all, I feel blessed to get these days with him (even if I go completely crazy at times). I am always so busy, and I don't get to spend near as much time as I'd like, so I have to remind myself to soak up these times. He won't always be my little boy, and just thinking that makes me want to cry. Man, they didn't lie when they said time flies when you have kids. Sometimes I wish I could just push pause...

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